We need your help! We’ve got this gorgeous puppy and he doesn’t have a name. Yet. What should his name be? If you would like to help us name our new puppy, please enter our competition. The competition is open until midnight the 6th of December 2015. Click here for more information.

Upcoming events:  We at the at the Branxton View Club meeting on  12:00 Thursday 12th November 2015 in the Greta Workers Club.

At Assistance Dogs NSW (ADNSW), we train Service Dogs, Diabetic Alert Dogs, Seizure Response Dogs, Therapy Dogs and dogs owned by our clients to become Service Dogs (where suitable). We also conduct Public Access Tests.

Care to Lend Us a Hand?
Running an assistance dog charitable organisation is expensive. Amongst other things is the cost to care, raise and train the dogs over an extended period of time. Assistance Dogs NSW Inc. relies on donations and sponsors to enable us to continue our valuable work.

Volunteers also play an integral role and many rewarding positions are often available for areas such as puppy raising, dog training assistance, administration and more. We are constantly fund raising (CFN21885) and this is where you can help too. Its a chance to get creative, put on an event be it small or large and donate the proceeds.  Contact us for more information if you would like to join our happy team.